2 ounces that contains a minimum of 5,000 mg (FIVE THOUSAND milligrams) of ultrapurified Hemp isolate with lab-verified zero THC.  


Imitators typically have between 100 and 500 mg of CBD per 2 ounces of cream. Yet they charge as much or more than the cost of our 2 ounce container of ultrapotent, lab verified 5,000 mg isolated Hemp extract.


Our proprietary, holistic, medically curated formula also includes additonal healing herbs and oils to superpower our cream's effectiveness.


Most competitor products add nothing to help their products penetrate the skin, so the valuable ingredients just sit there doing nothing. Some do add harsh penetrating chemicals, such as MSM and DMSO, despite the well-known risks of those ingredients. , BodyRenew uses only all-natural ingredients with no harsh, potentially toxic chemicals.


BodyRenew products are unmatched by anyone, anywhere.  If you've been disappointed by weak Hemp products being sold at inflated prices, then try just one container of BodyRenew.  We guarantee you'll feel the difference. Once you see the results for yoursef, you can save more by getting our regular 4 ounce size container with at least 10,000 mg (TEN THOUSAND milligrams!) of ultrapurified Hemp isolate.


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